Underfloor Heating Case Study

80 sqm Underfloor Heating Project
Supplied By Fastwarm Smart Underfloor Heating Company


This 80 square metre project is by far our largest underfloor heating project so far!

This retro fit installation is the ideal solution for any renovation project. The 20mm insulation pipe carriers can be installed for various types of floor finishes. We used 16mm, 5 core multi layered barrier pipe for maximum heat distribution.

Please have a look through the stages of the installation to get a full understanding of how this system comes together. Like the majority of our projects, it is the preparation (often never seen) that truly makes the job a success. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

Primer applied to sub floor and pipe carriers

Fixing down pipe carriers

Installation of pipework

Fitting / pressurising and testing system

Priming pipe carriers and applying base coat of laytex

Top coat of laytex, ready for finished flooring

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